Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Kitchen

I love my kitchen, it's a great space and I cook a lot so it really suits my needs.
It took me ages to decide on a colour and much debating with the family on whether we should paint the kitchen area one colour and the dining another.
Eventually I decided on Melon Sorbet from Dulux and we did the same colour all over.

The colour really pleases me but I still think the walls are bare so I now I have the job of adding all the finishing touches and getting it to look more like the kitchen I really want.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The story of the Girls Room, Part One

Once upon a house there were two little girls, Star, aged nine years and Boo aged 7. They had a lovely new bedroom to decorate exactly how they wished. First, Mummy went out and bought them brand new bunk beds so they would have more room. Then it was time to choose how the new room would look. This should be easy for two little girls, right?


Boo wanted a Frozen themed room. Star hates Frozen and Mummy didn't really want a character based theme. So Star suggested Pokemon! Mummy could already see this was not going to be as easy as she hoped as she explained that Pokemon would be character based and she thought that the room should be somewhere calming where they would be able to sleep better. Star has never been the best sleeper and Mummy longs for the days when she doesn't wake during the night.

So, lets talk colours!

Star wanted pink. Boo wanted blue. How about soft pink and blue? How about mixing the two together, what does that make? Yes, purple!

So with a colour scheme in mind off they all popped to Homebase. This was going to be easy said Mummy...ah famous last words.

Mummy had thought that as the room was quite small a nice wallpaper all round would be required. They searched row upon row of wallpaper but could Boo and Star decide on which one they both liked. Or, to be more precise, one that they both liked that didn't make Mummy feel like she was going to throw up with the thought of walking into that room every morning?

So they decided they would paint the room instead. How many shades of purple are there to choose from? None that these two girls both liked.

By this time Mummy was ready to go home with nothing, but then Star picked up a plum flowery wallpaper and Boo said she liked it. This could be interesting thought Mum, but the paper was too much to go all around the room, maybe one wall and pain the rest. Look, there is a little chart by the wallpaper telling you which paint would go best, Dusky Plum! It looked like we had finally found something.

Mummy quickly pulled out her purse and they were off.

And guess what? Mummy has a lovely pair of unused plum coloured curtains that fit the window. She'd bought them for her old bedroom but had, for reasons she doesn't remember, never used them.

So this is what they have, now Mummy just has to find the time and energy to complete the job.

I know what you are thinking because I've thought the same, It looks more like I'll be decorating an old ladies room rather than two little girls. That's what you get for letting them choose. So now I have to find out ways of making this room look really pretty and girly rather than old lady. I'm taking it as a challenge

. Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Bathroom Out of this World

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, have been since I was knee high to grasshopper and used to watch it in the reflection on our super shiny sideboard behind the settee (what I wouldn't give to have that sideboard now, it even had a revolving drinks cabinet)

So when I saw this shower curtain, my mind went into overdrive and I thought how wonderful it would be to have a Doctor Who themed family bathroom.

Shower curtain from Forbidden Planet

I began my hunt for further ideas.....


Weeping Angel Towels from Etsy
Toothbrush holder

from Think Geek

Bath mat

From Geek Alerts

Wall Mural

mural from Ebay

Am I crazy? I may just go for it

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015

Christmas is over, the trimmings packed away and the house looking more bare than ever.

Again my thoughts turn to decoration. I think I have a plan...although whenever I say that I usually end up changing my plans.

We have the things we need for my eldest daughters bedroom so we are going to start there. Next I'm going to paint the kitchen. Then it's back upstairs to do the kids rooms, they really can't wait.

Eldest Daughter's bedroom is one of the nicest room in the house. It has a floor to itself, a walk-in wardrobe, a built in cupboard and an en-suite shower room. It is a huge room but the walls taper because of the roof. My only complaint would be the window, it's big, but the room could really do with another window.

Sadly, being an adult, my daughter wishes to keep her room private so I won't be able to do start and finish photos. I can however share with you her mood board, she's going for a bright, crisp but still girly look.

Grey and Pink paint from Homebase
Brick wallpaper, Bookcase and Desk from Argos
Pink Rose tree lamp from Next

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

Saturday, 29 November 2014

All I Want for Christmas is.....

I'm finding this decorating malarky harder than I originally imagined, mainly because of lack of funds. I know what I want and I'm willing to do the work, but I just don't have the spare cash right now, particularly with Christmas being so close and my being a mum of five.

So, I've decided to write my list to Santa, to let him know what the house wants for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

For my kitchen I would like some new blinds. I'm thinking of going green so these would do nicely please.
They would need to be venetian because of the shape of my window and how it opens. I love this colour.

For my living room I would really love a nice rug like this one.

Manali Red Rug from The Rugs Warehouse

For the smallest bathroom, please can you send me a mirror like this.

Black Crackle Mirror from Argos

For my upstairs hallway, I would like a white chest of drawers like this.

4 drawer chest from Wren Living

Finally, for my bedroom I would like a new duvet cover set please. This one would be perfect.

brown and cream satin bedding set from Ebay

I can promise that my house has been very well behaved this year, so we will look forward to what Santa will bring.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Back to the Hallway

You may remember my musings on the hallway a few weeks ago. I'd decided it was going to be first tackled and I was thinking of a grey blue colour.

I went to Homebase and after walking up and down the paint aisles I finally decided on a soft brown colour named Soft Latte. It wasn't a bold choice but the hallway did look warmer and more inviting. I've not painted the stairs and landing yet and I'm thinking of maybe using a slightly different colour. I definitely want to try a different brand of paint. I found painting the hallway very difficult having to use two coats and still patch up in places. I was under the illusion that new walls would be easy to paint? I really want to try a one-coat paint on the stairs, I can't be going over those walls again and again to get a decent coverage.

Recently I visited the Grand Designs Exhibition and fell in love with a collage from 1Wall. I was really excited to be chosen to review the collage and you can read all about it on my other blog Raisiebay.

The collage was the perfect addition to my newly painted hallway. Like wallpaper it was applied using a paste. Unlike wallpaper it came in 64 separate pieces to apply in any order you wished. I only used 24 pieces and spelt out 'No Place Like Home' and the date 2013 which is the year we moved in. I was really happy with the result.

There are some finishing touches needed. I have a shoe rack in the alcove by the door and I'd like to buy a better one which is enclosed.

Also, I need some shades on the lights, or maybe change the lights from single bulbs. I'm not sure yet but I have some ideas.